Friday, January 11, 2019

The #SmartTurf Blog is Back

The #SmartTurf Blog is Back

Welcome back to the #SmartTurf Blog. 2018 was a period of great growth and change within both J&D Turf and Advanced Turf Solutions (ATS). J&D Turf is the maintenance, construction and consulting arm of ATS. ATS is the sports turf distribution arm providing product, equipment and accessories to the sports turf market with unparalleled service. 

Looking for service work or products?  Call a member of the ATS Sports Turf Sales team to offer assistance. 

So 2019 brings the relaunch of the SmartTurf Blog. You will still see educational content and how-to information. Also, you will continue to see the popular “LifeOnTheRoad” series. New this year will topical sports turf news stories and guest bloggers from both the ATS Sports Turf Sales team and sports turf managers in the industry. Here’s to a great 2019 and sharing ideas on the SmartTurf Blog. 

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