Monday, January 28, 2019

Basic Tools for Mound and Plate Maintenance

The tools listed below are the basics needed for mound and plate clay maintenance. 


1. A pump up hand sprayer for wetting down both the existing and the new clay
2. A garden weasel. Great for working in new clay. (This tool is also great for overseeding small areas)
3. A hula hoe for shaving down any high spots
4. A hand tamp wrapped to prevent clay from sticking to the bottom. - HERE is another way to wrap a tamp
5. A tine rake to also assist in shaving down high spots. HERE is a great trick to sharpen a tine rake
6. 36 inch landscape rake. This is a workhorse of baseball/softball field maintenance. This tool will assist in leveling and smoothing both infield mixes, mound clays and conditioners
7. Blackstick Mound Clay. A great gumbo clay for high traffic areas. 

** A couple of other critical tools not pictured are a broom and scoop shovel. Click HERE to see a step by step description on repairing a plate area. 

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