Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Do I Create a Sports Turf Divot Mix?

I get this question a number of times during my travels?  How do handle the bare areas on my field?  With fall sports beginning, let's look at how to create a divot mix.

This is a major problem on cool season athletic fields.  All it takes is a simple blend of 2-3 products.

First, place topsoil and if you have it available, peat on the grounds shop floor.

Next, add seed at a rate equal to the soil/peat blend.  Yes, I know this is a lot of seed, but being aggressive with seeding rates are critical in high traffic areas.

Blend all the materials together with a shovel and place in a bucket.

Finally, place in the bare area.  Using some type of aerification before seeding is the best approach.  In this case, a pitch fork provided the aerification.

Creating a seed bank in cool season athletic fields are critical to achieving 100% cover.  Don't be afraid to seed frequently.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Overseeding Cool Season Athletic Fields

The overseeding window for cool season sports turf is open for many across the Midwest.  Lack of overseeding athletic fields and overseeding at the incorrect rates can be major reasons why athletic fields fail.  HERE is a great article from Pat Sherratt at Ohio State University.  HERE is a link from an earlier post on the SmartTurf Blog regarding overseeding.

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