Sunday, October 31, 2010

Broad Leaf Weed Control?

Broad Leaf Weed Control – In November?
I have had many questions about broad leaf weed control in November. The number one question is: “How effective are applications for broad leaf weeds in November?” The answer, very effective, Dr. Aaron Patton just posted a Turf Tip is regards to this topic. To see the tip, click HERE.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Been a Busy Summer.......

It has been a busy summer, as i like to say, there is never an "off-season." Please see the exicting news in regards to J&D Turf below. Also, please be on the look-out for more frequent posts as J&D moves into 2011

J&D Turf Set to Expand Sports Turf Business
In early May, J&D Turf formed a strategic partnership with local golf and lawncare supplier Advanced Turf Solutions (ATS). President, Jamie Mehringer, and Sales Consultant, Dave Henricksen, remain part owners in J&D Turf, now based out of Fishers, alongside ATS.
J&D Turf, founded in the summer of 2008, specializes in athletic field construction, consultation and maintenance. Company president Jamie Mehringer, former head groundskeeper then director of operations at Victory Field in his 10 seasons with the Indianapolis Indians, brings to the market a combined expertise in sports turf and management. The combination has proven to be the differentiator for J&D Turf as the team tackles projects for professional sports teams, universities, K-12 school systems and parks departments. No matter the industry, clients see unparalleled playability on the field for their athletes and on-time, on-budget and beyond-expectations results for the administrators. With J&D Turf, everyone wins.
J&D Turf services:
• Laser grading
• Aerification
• Infield renovations
• Field construction
• Field renovation
• Grow-in of athletic fields
• Topdressing
• Overseeding
• Mound and plate construction and renovation
Branded as Smart Turf, J&D Turf believes that the potential in every field is realized by understanding the science that drives healthy turf. Translating that know-how to projects is what the company’s consulting services are all about. For some, clients often have the manpower to work the athletic fields but need direction on what the staff should be doing to have the greatest impact. And, with architecture and civil engineering firms, it means ensuring the athletic fields are approached differently than is the common greenspace in the design. J&D Turf’s consulting ranges from one-time site visits by the experienced crew to lengthy consulting engagements with Jamie Mehringer.
Spend enough time in and around athletic fields in Indiana and you will undoubtedly see the results of J&D Turf’s work and expertise. The company has been part of projects with parks departments in Columbus, Fishers, Indianapolis and Plainfield. At the collegiate level, go to Butler University, DePauw University, Marian University, Indiana State University, Indiana Tech, Indiana University, University of Indianapolis or University of Notre Dame. Fields at each have benefited from J&D Turf’s touch.
The synergies between J&D Turf and ATS will benefit clients and customers on both sides. The partnership has greatly expanded J&D Turf’s product offerings and provides the business stability necessary to maintain a fleet of the latest equipment. And, the latest development, J&D Turf and ATS are the exclusive dealer of Natural Sand soil amendments, infield mixes, and mound clay in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. The only full-service turf product and maintenance company in the region, J&D Turf is stronger than ever.
In the near future, J&D Turf plans to increase the size of its crew and, in turn, the geographic territory they are able to cover. Learn more about the J&D Turf approach at And, ask your colleagues. It won’t take long before you hear firsthand about Smart Turf results on Indiana’s athletic fields.

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