Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grass Baselines for a Baseball Field?

Many schools consider grass baselines for baseball fields.  I was visiting this field this past week where I observed this baseline:

As you can see, the baseline is only 1 1/2 ft wide.  This width makes the baseline very difficult to maintain with a volunteer grounds crew.  Most baselines at the high school level are between 5-6 ft in width.  Considering grass baselines?  They can be very effective, but they do require in season maintenance.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Do Not Layer Infield Mixes!

This week I was at a high school that was have issues with their infield.  I asked the AD if he new what type of material he was using.  He said he didn't but he paid a contractor to add infield mix to his field a year or two ago, so we dug a hole to take a look.  Here is what we found:

Needless to say the layering is causing an issue as well as using an infield mix that is high in silt and fine sand.  Click HERE to see an earlier post on layering infield mixes.

Click HERE to see how to add infield mix to an existing infield.

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