Tuesday, March 19, 2019

University of Pittsburgh Softball Infield Renovation

This past fall the J&D Turf team traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to renovate the softball infield  for Pitt Softball.  Let’s take a closer look

Vartabedian Field was completed in 2011. The infield originally had a “local” harvested infield mix with a wax coating. Additional engineered infield mix was added on top of the original mix. The grade became too steep and the profile took moisture inconsistently due to the coated material under the engineered mix. 

The solution?  Take out all the existing infield mix and get back to the sub base and install a new 4 inch column of Dura Edge Collegiate infield mix on a .5% conical grade.   

The existing infield mix was removed and recycled using an excavator. 

The sub base was laser graded to mirror the finish grade using crushed limestone as the sub base prior to adding the DuraEdge. 

The DuraEdge was installed, laser graded and compacted.

After DuraEdge installation the infield was conditioned with calcined clay.

Pitt Panther Softball will have an excellent infield for spring 2019. 

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Play on!