Monday, April 1, 2013

Layout of a New Youth Field

This is the first of a couple posts this week as the J&D Turf crew installs a new t-ball/coaches pitch field in the Western Hills area of Cincinnati.

This post details the layout of the field.  First a location of the homeplate was discussed.  The principal for Covedale Elementary, where the new field will be located, decided the best place for the plate is in the NW corner of the property.  As many of you know, the plate location in the SW or NW of a property is ideal.

Once the location of the plate was decided a string was pulled in a line towards what will be the new LF foul pole:

After the string was pulled a simple 3-4-5 triangle was used to ensure that the field will be square.  In this case, 9 ft was pulled down 3rd base line, 12 ft down 1st base line and 15 ft from the 9 ft mark on third base to the point where the 15 ft tape crossed the 12 ft line on first, now the field is square:

After string was place along the first base foul line, bases where measured.  Distance from the apex of the plate to the back corner of first and third - 60 ft.  From the apex of the plate to the middle of the second base anchor - 84 ft 10 in.  

The pitchers rubber was measured - from the apex of the plate to the front of the rubber - 46 ft.  And, the radius of the plate was measured - 9 ft radius:

Finally the back arc was measured - 50 ft from the pitchers rubber to the back arc.  Lastly, the proposed fence location for the backstop and sidelines were painted with a dashed line:

Total time for 2 guys to complete this project - 40 minutes.

Look for more posts this week as this field is completed.

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Play on!

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