Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Basic Warning Track Installation

Warning tracks come in many shapes, sizes and materials.  When installing a track, consider the following:

  • What is the primary purpose of the track?
  • What type of equipment/traffic will the track receive?
  • Drainage - where is the anticipated path for water?
A basic track installation is common for high schools and parks where the only traffic is mowers and golf carts.  For higher levels of play with solid surface walls and heavier equipment, a more detailed plan and sub base is needed.

In this post, a basic track will be covered.  A basic track involves 2 inches of material over a compacted sub base.  Here are a few photos from a warning track at Columbus North High School:

Edging out the new track:

The initial installation of the 2 inch lift of crushed limestone:

Beginning to finish grade the track:

As illustrated, the installation of a basic track is very straightforward and a do-it-yourself project on a weekend.  If a more sophisticated track installation is required (i.e. - gravel sub base, 3 inches of material and laser graded) to ensure proper drainage, a professional installation is recommended.

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