Thursday, February 23, 2017

Growing Degree Day Tracker - A Great Tool to Use to Determine Application Timing

Exceptional late winter/early spring warm is present across the Midwest.  Due to this, spring applications are weeks ahead of schedule.  A grounds manager can track growing degree days (GDD), but the easiest way to follow the GDD progress is to use the Growing Degree Day Tracker  brought to you by the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation and Purdue Turfgrass.   This tool is a great way to assist you decision making on crabgrass control applications and many other applications of time sensitive products.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Adding New Material to a Homeplate Edge

Creating and maintaining clean and smooth edges are critical for a safe and playable surface.  Furthermore, smooth and level edges will ensure successful movement of water via surface drainage. 

Many softball fields have a conical grade.  A conical grade moves water in all directions for a center point on the infield.  Typically the grade is at .3%.  With that said, all edges need to be at grade to allow water to exit the playing surface.  Any irregularities will “create a dam” on the edge.  The following photos were from a recent project on a softball field in Cape Girardeau, MO.

How is this issue repaired?  A few simple grade shots, additional material and a 2x4.

First, grade shots were taken to ensure grades were met via a conical laser at the plate and the grass edge.  Next a 2x4 was used to bridge the area to determine/verify areas that were below grade.

Conditioner/Pro Slide was pulled away to expose the existing infield mix.

DuraEdge Classic was placed and “boarded” to ensure the correct amount of infield mix/DuraEdge Classic was present.

Then, the new material was blended into the existing material with a small tiller.

The material was then re-leveled with the board and rolled.

Finally, the conditioner/Pro Slide was placed back over the area. 

A clean and level edge is now present.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Stay Off Turf When Frost is Present

Many areas around the country are beginning to warm.  With that said, frost can still be present in the morning.  Below is a field in Indiana this AM. 


This is a reminder to stay off frost covered turf!

For additional information in regards to frost covered turf, click HERE for a publication in regards to turf and frost from the USGA.  Click HERE for a publication from Ohio State University

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rolling Infields - When? Why? How?

Spring is arriving early in many parts this spring. Many coaches are pushing to get on their infields as soon as possible. 

Regardless of the infield mix, the material will frost heave over the winter. So, you must roll your infield in the spring, ideally before you have any traffic on your infield. Now, the questions are when, why, and how? 


You will want to roll you infield when there is still moisture in the mix, but the mix is not too wet. When is this? When you can walk across the infield and you settle the frost heave, but there is no material sticking to the bottom of your shoes. Roll the conditioner and mix in multiple passes. 


Rolling accomplishes a couple of goals. First, it settles your infield so your mix will hold its grade and you will not have your conditioner/ topdressing migrate into your base material. Also, the infield mix will also be firmer. This will allow for the ball to play down and true from the beginning of the season. 


It is best to roll with a 3 ton duel drum roller (pictured above). If you can’t get a 3 ton roller, any roller is better than not rolling at all. 

Remember, roll your infield as often as possible with a small pull behind roller as well all spring until the weather moderates. 

Good luck to those groundskeepers and coaches looking to get their fields ready.  

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Infield Not Ready To Roll 

Infield Ready To Roll

Engineered Soil

Download the printable Smart Turf sheet - Rolling Infields: When, Why, & How

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

#LifeOnTheRoad - Batting Cage Landscaping

This is another post in a periodic series entitled #LifeOnTheRoad.  The background is simple. During my travels I encounter many grounds managers/coaches doing great things.  Because of this, I have started this series.  The goal - expose more grounds managers, coaches, architects, etc to areas of facility and sports turf maintenance that may be implemented into their facility/design.
In this post of the #LifeOnTheRoad series we travel to Frankfort Youth Baseball.  A simple installation of arborvitae takes a simple batting cage and makes it more visually appealing while also creating a future "batters eye".  Simple and cost effective.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

J&D Turf - Hiring for the SmartTurf Crew - Job Posting

Do you want to join the J&D Turf team?  Here is a opportunity as J&D Turf is currently accepting resumes for the position listed below.

Job Title: Field Technician

About Us
J&D Turf is a full service sports turf consulting, construction, renovation, maintenance, and distribution firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  J&D Turf is uniquely positioned to service the sports turf industry throughout the Midwest.  We are interested in hiring a new field technician for our growing sports turf division.  We are looking for candidates who are passionate about the sports turf industry, hardworking and eager to learn new skills in the field.

Education and Experience:
·       Associates degree in Sports Turf Management, Golf Course Management, or related field of study
·       Two years related experience or
·       Equivalent combination of education and experience

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
·       Ability to perform mound, plate, and infield skin construction and renovation on softball and baseball diamonds
·       Ability to aerify, topdress, and seed both new and existing turf
·       Ability to spread granular fertilizer and perform liquid spray applications
·       Ability to learn in both direct and self-guided manors. Must be able to quickly master field construction and laser grading techniques.
·       Ability to complete physical labor and activities for up to 12 hours daily
·       Ability to professionally interact with customers on site
·       Knowledge of safe operational practices for both field and warehouse equipment
·       Working knowledge of the turfgrass sciences
·       Strong verbal and written communication skills
·       Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. Specifically Word and Excel.
·       Time management skills

·       Assist field chief in daily activities at same or separate job sites
·       Keep daily records of work performed
·       Load and unload trailers used at jobsites daily
·       Maintain and service field and warehouse equipment
·       Keep records of maintenance and service on equipment
·       Communicate with entire organization via e-mail
·       Successfully perform all tasks listed in project calculators

Job Expectations:
·       Willingness to travel long distances and work  long hours in various weather conditions at the discretion of your supervisor
·       Ability to work on weekends and stay over night at job-sites when necessary
·       Obtain and maintain Indiana Pesticide Business License Category 3b (certified applicator in turf pest control) *paid for by J&D Turf
·       Class A CDL license or
·       Valid driver’s license, good driving record and ability to obtain an Indiana Class A CDL license *paid for by J&D Turf

To apply:
Please send a letter of interest, resume, and name and contact information of three (3) references to :  Michelle Hancock
Annual compensation $ 35,000 - $ 45,000/Yr
High Deductible Health Plan
Health Savings Account

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Tricks of the Trade - Stainless Steel Eyelets for Backstop Netting

Looking to install a new backstop netting system?  Ensure that your installer is using stainless steel eyelets.  #NeverRust

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