Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Installing Mound Clay in the Batters and Catchers Boxes - Brian Wilson Field

Building a new homeplate can be a time consuming project.  There are different ways to complete the process.  In this case study the following steps were completed:
  • Install the plate - ensure that it is higher than the highest point where the infield mix and the grass meet.
  • Install Dura Edge Classic infield mix at a depth of 4 inches and compact.
  • Layout the batters and catchers boxes and remove 4 inches of the infield mix

  • Install 4 inches of Dura Pitch Mound Clay.
  • Till the plate ensuring that the interface between the mound clay and the infield mix is consistent.  This will sure that there is no distinct line where the two materials meet which will cause issues in wet weather.

  • Level the plate using a 20 foot bleacher section as a screed board.

  • Compact with the tires of a utility vehicle.

  • Repeat as needed to finish the grade

  • Condition with 3-4 bags of calcined clay
To see how to renovate a plate on a budget, click HERE.

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