Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Building an Off-Field Bullpen - Brian Wilson field

Building a bullpen off the field is on many coaches wish list.  In this post, a construction of an off field bullpen in explained in detail.
First locate the bullpen location and remove the sod.  Keep in mind that all new material has to be installed at a depth of 4 inches.  So, existing native soil may have to be removed along the edges of the new bullpen.

Next, install the pitchers rubbers.  Ensure that the rubbers are 10 inches above home plate, level, and in line with each other. 

After installation, install mound clay in front of the rubbers.  In this case, Dura Pitch Mound Clay from the Natural Sand Company and Dura Edge Products were used.  A local infield mix was used along the sides of the mound, the table, and behind the mound to save costs.

Ensure that the mound is sloped correctly.  To see a trick of the trade for a cost effective slope board, click HERE.

Finish the mound with a 1/4 inch of infield mix over the mound clay to create a clean, smooth surface. 

Finally, condition with 4-5 bags of calcined clay.

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