Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Final Recap from St Luke - Patriot Bermudagrass

We have followed the bermudagrass field at St Luke during 2012.  From the beginning of the project, through the season.  Here are the links of the blog posts:

Overall, the field performed very well.  As you can see, the overseeding took a beating in the high traffic areas, but there is still plenty of bermudagrass for 2013.  After all, the overseeding consisted of one application of Turf Star Elite Ryegrass at a rate of 20 lbs per 1,000 sq ft in early Sept.  The goal of a smooth surface with no mud was achieved during a fall in central Indiana that saw frequent rainfall on Friday nights - the day before the most heavy use.  

Here are two photos.  The first was the tall fescue surface after play from 2011 (taken early spring 2012).  The next is the overseeded Patriot field after play this year (taken mid December)

Here are two photos showing the different traffic patterns and how the traffic effects the overseeding success.

Moving forward, if the budget allows, more frequent and light overseeding would allow for more ryegrass cover in the high traffic areas.  

I will continue to cover this field in 2013.

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Play on!

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