Monday, November 5, 2012

Brian Wilson Field - Batavia, Ohio - II

The second post from Brian Wilson Field in Batavia, OH.

This post will focus on the background information of the field.

The facility is located at the Batavia Township Community Park and Community Center.  The field was built in 2009 as a multi-purpose field that would host play up to 250 ft outfield fences.  For this project, the fences needed to be moved to college distances to support UC-Clemont Baseball.

Supporting college baseball created a number of challenges.  First of all was a parking lot draining to RF and a swale in LF.  Here is a photo of the field pre-construction:

Notice the new homeplate location in blue paint.  With the parking lot location in RF, a shorter distance for the RF corner had to be designed:

After all design ideas were discussed, a final decision was made to bring in an earth mover and grade the outfield to fall towards the outfield fence and the RF corner using a duel slope laser.  Here was the finish grade during seeding:

Look for additional posts this week as we detail the progress of the project.

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