Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brian Wilson Field - Batavia, OH - III

The third post from Brian Wilson Field in Batavia, OH.

This post will focus on the infield grade and transforming an all dirt infield to a baseball infield.

The existing field was an all dirt infield.  Here is the surface before construction:

The infield mix was tested.  After the test results were received, it was decided that the soil was suitable for growing grass.  The next task was to lower the soil from the existing 1% grade to a .5% grade using a conical laser.  Here is a photo of the process:

The weather was challenging during the process as we battled wet weather every 3-4 days.  Due to this fact, we had to bring in temporary lights to complete the work:

After laser grading and a pre-plant fertilizer application, the sod was installed:

Look for additional posts this week as the infield mix portion of the project is discussed.

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