Monday, November 12, 2012

Brian Wilson Field - Batavia, OH - IV

The fourth post from Brian Wilson Field in Batavia, OH.

This post will focus on infield mix construction.

Here are two photos of the infield pre-construction:

Due to the presence of stone in the infield mix, the decision was made remove the material.  After removing 4 inches of existing soil a "hybrid infield" was installed.  What is a "hybrid infield"?  Simply stated, using a local mix and amending it with FieldSaver 50 from Natural Sand Company.  The goal is to create a column of infield mix that has a similar sand/silt/clay with Dura Edge Classic.  In other words, using a local mix and amending it before play takes place.  This process allowed for UC Clermont to have an infield that will play well at a cost savings.  Moving forward, Dura Edge Classic will be the infield mix that is added to ensure that the correct and/silt/clay percentages are maintained.

Here are a number of photos of the process:

Laser graded "local" mix:

Local mix rolled ready for the addition of FieldSaver 50:

Blending in the FieldSaver 50:

Topdressing the infield with calcined clay:

The finished product:

Ideally, all new construction would have a four inch column of Dura Edge Classic.  There are times when the project budget will not allow this route.  In those cases, a "hybrid infield" should be considered.

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