Wednesday, May 4, 2016

UPDATED: How to: Add New Mix to Existing Mix

I get this question all of the time so I figured I would show the process with photos. The J&D Turf crew added new infield mix to the existing infield at Huntington Park in Columbus, OH with the Head Groundskeeper, Wes Ganobcik, and his crew.

First, the addition of Field Saver 50 from the Natural Sand Company was applied with a topdresser. The FS 50 increased the medium sand content while also increasing the clay content and improving the SCR of the mix.

The next step is to blecavate/till the existing mix into the new mix. This is often the overlooked step in this process. It is time consuming, but necessary to ensure good soil bonding.

Tilling the mixes
Following this, roll the infield using a three ton roller. The photo below shows the size difference between a 1 1/2 ton roller and a 3 ton roller. The smaller 1 1/2 ton roller is a good choice to settle frost heave - i.e - right now and the start of every spring and the 3 ton roller is needed after blecavating/tilling. A 3 ton roller is necessary to compact the infield and to ensure limited/no settling.

Rolling an infield
After rolling, begin laser grading.

Laser grading
Laser grading
The finished infield (above) included use of a conical laser on the mound. The infield was graded at a .4% cone for the mound in all directions, from the front of the infield to the back arc. This is the ideal infield surface grade.

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Download the printable Smart Turf sheet - How to: Add New Mix to Existing Mix

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