Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#LifeOnTheRoad - Drainage Along Concrete Surfaces

Many times during my travels I am asked, “What is the best way to drain water from hard surfaces?”

Well, let me illustrate a way to drain water, and a way to collect water.

First, let’s look at a bleacher pad next to a youth football field.  Concrete installers are famous for ensuring “their” concrete is at the highest elevation.  No matter that it will/could back up water from the 1.5% crown.

In this example, a french drain was installed and tied into a storm structure.  Finally the line was backfilled with washed stone.  Problem solved.

The second example was at the youth baseball field at the same complex.  Currently a french drain has not been installed, you can clearly see the results of the concrete installation.

Bottom line, when installing concrete, be sure to allow/account for drainage.

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