Tuesday, February 16, 2016

UPDATE: Removing Snow From Athletic Fields

Smart Turf Tip: Removing Snow From Athletic Fields

Simply, take a tarp drum and strap it to a tractor bucket. Now you have a plow that will not cause damage to the turf. 

How do I get my infield ready to play after a snow event?

First, DO NOT get in a hurry to play. I understand that the season is short, but is it really worth compromising the grade of your field to get in one practice or game?
If the decision is made to plow the field, take the necessary precautions. The Sports Turf Managers Association offers a great guide, Snow Removal on Natural and Synthetic Athletic Surfaces, that is worth checking out.

TIP: If snow cover is extremely deep, consider using black sand to speed up the melting process.

Once the snow has cleared/melted, most infields should be rolled from the snow event and the winter freeze and thaw cycle. To determine if the field can be rolled, simply walk across the surface, if the field settled under foot, but does not stick the bottom of you shoe, it can be rolled.
If the field has not been conditioned, please take this time after rolling to condition the infield.
Finally, this is another time where there is tremendous benefit of using an engineered soil as your infield mix.

Play on!
Download printable Smart Turf sheet: Removing Snow from Athletic Fields
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