Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#LifeOnTheRoad - Dugout Storage Design

This is another post in a periodic series entitled #LifeOnTheRoad.  The background is simple. During my travels I  encounter many grounds managers/coaches doing great things.  Because of this, I have started this series.  The goal - expose more grounds managers, coaches, architects, etc to areas of facility and sports turf maintenance that may be implemented to their facility/design.

This past week I was in Ada, Ohio.  A quick site visit at Northern Ohio University lead me to a great dugout storage design.  

The design incorporated a paved path to the dugout storage where a sliding door was located.  The design allowed for a pallet of material to be placed in the dugout.  A simple, yet effective design.  A piece of the design that was not incorporated but would be nice in the future is another sliding door on the field side.  Simply mount a shelf to hold water/Gatorade when in season.  When needed the door could then slide open.

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