Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How Do I Get My Infield Ready for Spring Play?

That is a question I have received a number of times over the past week.  Before answering that question, lets look at what makes up an infield mix and what products will make prepping infields easier in the spring season.

Infield Rolled and Ready for Spring Play

First, consider that engineered soils will out perform any other surface this time of year.  Also ensure that your infield mix has been tested and contains the correct amounts of sand, silt and clay.

So, after those items are addressed, we can now get to prepping the infield.  The first step is to roll the infield to settle any frost heave.  After rolling, ensure that the infield has the correct amount of conditioner.  What depth is the best for your facility?  Finally, nail drag the infield to the correct depth, and you are ready for play.

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Play on!

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