Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roll Those Infields!

Spring is slowly arriving in the Midwest. Many coaches are pushing to get on there infields as soon as possible. 
No matter what infield mix you have on your field, the material will frost heave over the winter. So, you must roll your infield in the spring, ideally before you have any traffic on your infield. Now, the questions are When, Why, and How?

1. You will want to roll you infield when there is still moisture in the mix, but the mix is not too wet. When is this? When you can walk across the infield and you settle the frost heave, but there is no material sticking to the bottom of your shoes. Roll the conditioner and mix in multiple passes

1. Rolling accomplishes a couple of goals. First, it settles your infield so your mix will hold its grade and you will not have your conditioner/topdressing migrate into your base material. Also, the infield mix will also be firmer. This will allow for the ball to play down and true from the beginning of the season.

1. It is best to roll with a 3 ton duel drum roller. What is this? ClickHERE to find out. If you can't get a 3 ton roller, any roller is better than not rolling at all. 

Remember, roll you infield as often as possible with a small pull behind roller as well all spring until the weather moderates. 

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