Thursday, October 10, 2013

Be Careful with Glyphosate Sprays on Baseball and Softball Infields and Warning Tracks

Many baseball and softball facilities take a back seat in late summer and early fall as fall sports take priority at the high school and recreational levels.  Many times, the ground staff will apply glyphosate to kill/control unwanted weeds and grasses on infields and warning tracks.  Bottom line, if the decision is made to apply these products be VERY CAREFUL with the application.  Here are what infield edges looked like at a high school I visited this week:

Needless to say, these edges have been severely damaged.  Sod will need to be installed to re-set the edges.  To avoid this, consider a couple options:

1.  Drag infields and warning tracks 2-3 times per week and edge fields at least once a month
2.  Apply Sureguard after play to limit weed population.  Click HERE to learn more about this process

Go to to learn more about J&D Turf.

Play on!

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