Tuesday, May 14, 2013

St Luke Catholic Church - Patriot Bermudagrass - Early May 2013

An early May update from St Luke as I continue to monitor bermudagrass in central Indiana and throughout the midwest.

Here are a couple of photos from May 5, 2013:

Ryegrass thinned throughout the middle due to fall football and spring soccer play.  Dormant bermudagrass base still exists:

Looking east:

Looking west:

Patriot bermudagrass greening up (dark green plants) on the edges of the field that received less play:

Soccer sideline dense ryegrass - referee traffic (light green - darker green with less traffic)

Photos from May 12, 2013:

Looking west:

Heavy traffic areas - notice the Patriot is greening up, just slower than the edges that received less traffic:

Looking east:

The field has made great progress from April.  Click HERE to see how the field looked in mid April.

The plan for the rest of May:

  • Spray out ryegrass this week with Katana as the spring season has been completed.
  • Fertilize bermudagrass to start the growing season to obtain full cover by the next field use - football in August 2013.
Look for additional monthly posts from this site and other sites as the SmartTurf blog monitors both cool season and warm season field performance in 2013.

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Play on!

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