Monday, March 11, 2013

Southeastern University - Completing the Field

After sod was installed, all that was needed was to complete the finishing touches before the first practice.  The task, build bullpens and install mound and plate clay.  Here we go.

First, the bullpens were build using Turface Mound Master Clay in the high traffic areas and Dura Edge Classic in the surrounding areas.  The bullpens were compacted and topdressed with Turface Pro League Red Calcined Clay:

Next, Turface Mound Master Clay was installed in front of the pitchers rubber and in the batters and catchers box:

Play ball!

In 20 days, the site went from this:

To this:

This site will serve as the practice home to the Southeastern Fire Softball Program in 2013, and as their facility hosting practices and games in 2014.

Go to to learn more about J&D Turf.

Play on!

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