Monday, March 11, 2013

A New Field for Southeastern University - Sod Installation

After installing the infield mix and achieving an acceptable rough finish grade on the material, the attention returned to the rootzone and sod installation.

First the rootzone was laser graded a final time before the sod was installed:

The outfield was laser graded numerous times over the course of the project to ensure positive drainage and to eliminate settling issues.  Next step, installation of bahiagrass in the swale and Celebration bermudagrass on the playing surface:

Two things to notice.  First, the area that was not sodded.  It looks like an area that will be a warning track.  In fact, this area will become a hedge just outside the fence that will create a look similar to the area along the wall along the first base line as shown above.  Secondly, the areas where the bullpens are going to be located were also left as bare soil.

After sodding, all that was left was a few finishing touches before the first practice for the Southeastern University Fire.

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Play on!

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