Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Multi-Use Baseball Fields, Drought Stressed Turf

I wanted to post a few photos of a number of items I viewed this week.

First, a question I get from time to time is: "How do I play 60/70 ft bases and not have two mounds?"  Simply, move the home plate/have two home plates.  Here is a photo from Billerickey Park in Fishers showing two foul lines that allow for two base distances with one mound.

Next, it is VERY dry across most portions of the Midwest.  Run the irrigation system frequently, cool the turf down.  Here is a photo of a cricket field that is drought stressed.  Notice the tire marks.  There can be turf loss if traffic is present on drought stressed turf.

Finally, just a neat photo I took Monday before Senior Night at Covenant Christian.  Andy Gossel has the field in great shape.

Look for more posts this week as well as the annual Indy 500 post on Sunday/Monday.

Go to to learn more about J&D Turf.

Play on!

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