Monday, May 14, 2012

How Do I Repair A Batter's Box?

I get this question numerous times in my travels.  So, let's look into the repair:

First, the plate after the game:

First step, rake the plate with a landscape rake.  Look to lower high areas:

Second step, remove all conditioner and loose clay by using the leveling blade on the rake and a broom:  NOTICE - the use of both a push broom and a standard broom and how clean to sweep the batters box.  NO loose material should be present.

Third step, add water to hydrate the existing clay.  This can be accomplished with a garden hose, watering can, or a sprayer/spray bottle:

Next step, add new mound clay.  In this case Dura Pitch Mound Clay was added:

Then, rake new clay into place and use a flat bladed shovel to chop the new clay into the existing clay:

After adding the clay, lightly compact the clay with your foot and then tamp using a hand tamp:

Then, rake the compacted clay in 3 directions to level the clay.  

Next step, use a small amount of water to hydrate the clay and use your foot to smear the clay together and blend all the seams into one solid piece of clay:

Then, push the existing conditioner to the plate, screen with leaf rake and add conditioner as needed to maintain a 1/4 inch depth of conditioner:

Lastly, finish drag,water and paint the plate.  

Use this program, and your plate area will be the best in your league.

Go to to learn more about J&D Turf.

Play on!


  1. This is very helpful for novices (aka volunteer coach/ dads like me). Thanks for making this and putting out there for us.

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