Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Three Critical Tools for Maintaining an Infield

Another post on infields this week.  I get the question all of the time.  "What are the best tools to maintain an infield?"  Here is a photo of three key tools.  I took this photo during the field educational day at Brandon Phillips Field last Saturday

As you can see, there is a rigid mat drag, a nail drag, and a aluminum tooth landscape rake.  Lastly, on the far left you can see the infield mix as I pulled away the conditioner.  As a rule of thumb, most high schools and parks departments keep their infields too soft.  The firmer the material the better the infield will take rain events and hold grade.  The best way to soften an infield?  Apply water.  That is the reason why having a quick coupler behind the mound is critical for infield maintenance.

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