Monday, April 23, 2012

Removing Infield Lips Via a Sod Cutter

The J&D Turf crew was back in Lafayette today.  After edging the three fields late last week, the next task was to remove the remaining lips.  This was accomplished the old fashioned way using a sod cutter.  Here are a few photos:

Removing the sod with a sod cutter:

Removing the sod:

Next, remove the infield mix under the lip with a box blade:

Finally, re-install the sod:

What causes lips?  Dragging practices (Too close to the edge), poor infield mixes with poor silt/clay ratios (SCR's), not edging on a frequent basis (once a month), overall excessive use of a field.

This field has an infield with a high SCR.  Wind alone causes lips, much less dragging.  Here is a photo from today.  Dragging the infield with prevailing winds of 30 mph.

The infield renovation starts tomorrow.

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