Monday, May 15, 2017

Tall Fescue v Barenbrug HGT Bluegrass - A Tale of Two Fields

A site visit was made to two fields today.  First, a visit was made to a tall fescue football field.  Normal wear and tear caused divots/areas void of turf cover.  The grounds manager asked how much fertilizer would be needed to "fill it in."  This area will need to be overseeded due the the "bunch type" growth of tall fescue.  To learn more about why NOT to use tall fescue on athletic fields, click HERE.

The second visit was at a new Barenbrug HGT seeded football field.  Notice the areas that need to fill in.  This will completely fill over the next 30 days due to the Foliar Pak Grow-In product and the aggressive rhizome growth of the HGT bluegrass.  Stay tuned to the blog as we follow this field.  

Bottom line is bluegrass can be "pushed" to fill in laterally.  Tall fescue is a "one seed one plant".

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