Thursday, March 23, 2017

The J&D Turf Infield Mix Moisture and Conditioner Key

How often are the following questions raised?

1. How much conditioner should I apply to an infield?
2. Do I need to add conditioner to my infield?
3. How much water should I add to my infield?
4. Is there enough moisture in my infield profile?

Having a J&D Turf infield moisture and conditioner key will provide a tool to assist in answering these questions.

First, let's talk about infield moisture.  Infield mixes perform best at optimum moisture levels.  HERE is a previous link on watering an infield.  Use the key can check infield moisture levels by using the simple "key test"

"Insert the end of the key into the mix.  The key should slide into the ,ix with relative ease to a depth of 1-2 inches and be removed with disturbing the material.  If the key cannot penetrate the infield mix, the base material is too dry."

Next, let's talk about conditioner depth. HERE is a previous post discussing different infield conditioners.  Infield mixes perform best when conditioners are maintained within a optimum range. That range is 1/4-1/2 inch.  Use the key to determine conditioner depth.

"Insert the key into conditioner and check conditioner depth against the measuring lines at the tip of the key.  The optimum depth is approximately 1/4 inch."

Using the J&D Turf infield mix moisture and conditioner key is #SmartTurf.

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