Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Adding New Material to a Homeplate Edge

Creating and maintaining clean and smooth edges are critical for a safe and playable surface.  Furthermore, smooth and level edges will ensure successful movement of water via surface drainage. 

Many softball fields have a conical grade.  A conical grade moves water in all directions for a center point on the infield.  Typically the grade is at .3%.  With that said, all edges need to be at grade to allow water to exit the playing surface.  Any irregularities will “create a dam” on the edge.  The following photos were from a recent project on a softball field in Cape Girardeau, MO.

How is this issue repaired?  A few simple grade shots, additional material and a 2x4.

First, grade shots were taken to ensure grades were met via a conical laser at the plate and the grass edge.  Next a 2x4 was used to bridge the area to determine/verify areas that were below grade.

Conditioner/Pro Slide was pulled away to expose the existing infield mix.

DuraEdge Classic was placed and “boarded” to ensure the correct amount of infield mix/DuraEdge Classic was present.

Then, the new material was blended into the existing material with a small tiller.

The material was then re-leveled with the board and rolled.

Finally, the conditioner/Pro Slide was placed back over the area. 

A clean and level edge is now present.

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