Sunday, December 11, 2016

Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2016 - #9 - A Tale of Two Walk Ups

As 2016 comes to a close, we are looking back at the 10 most viewed blog posts in 2016.  Here is #9....

Walk-ups for baseball and softball fields are often a good option to manage traffic while also allowing for grass in foul territory (softball).  This is sometimes necessary to manage surface drainage/grades.

Let’s look at two walk-ups.  First, the softball field at Ohio Northern University.  As you can see these walk-ups are the same width from the warning track to the plate, so the on-deck circle is off the walk-up.

The next example is at the MLB/P&G Cincinnati Reds Urban Youth Academy.  In this example, the walk-ups are flared out as you get closer to the track.  This allows for the on-deck circles to be on the walk-ups. 

Also, you can see this early season photo also illustrates how walk-ups can aid in surface drainage.

Which is the best option?  That’s a field manager’s decision.  I personally like the flared walk-up which allows for space for the on-deck circle.

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