Thursday, January 14, 2016

#TheLast5% - Mowing Lines

This post is the the first of many titled - “#TheLast5%”  These posts are designed to illustrate how a grounds manager/coach/etc. can make his or her facility shine by completing the last 5% of playing surface/facility maintenance.  
Today we are looking at the basics of mowing lines/patterns.  Clean, crisp, and straight lines using a mower with sharp blades (think sharpen or back lap every week) makes a facility look better.  A simple step, but a easy way, to make #TheLast5% look great for the coaches, players and fans.  Below are photos of 2 facilities in Florida.  Both had good overseeded bermudagrass surfaces.  The first field has not been cut in a straight lines.  The second field was cut in straight lines.  What a difference a little thing like a mowing line can do to complete #TheLast5%

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