Monday, September 14, 2015

#LifeOnTheRoad - Butler Softball Bullpens

This is the first post in a periodic series entitled #LifeOnTheRoad.  The background is simple.  During my travels I  encounter many grounds managers/coaches doing great things.  Because of this, I have started this series.  The goal - expose more grounds managers, coaches, architects, etc to areas of facility and sports turf maintenance that may be implemented to their facility/design.  Let's get started.

I visited the Butler Softball facility recently.  I took note of the new bullpens and the design.

The design is simple.  Synthetic turf scrap that was cut to fit the area.  The turf was placed over a concrete base.  Next, plates and batters boxes were painted on the turf.  Finally, a full infield mix/mound clay area was installed in the pitchers area.  So, now the Bulldogs have a great training area that doubles as a bullpen on game days.  Finally, the surface allows for a weed free bullpen area - a welcome sight for many softball and baseball coaches.

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