Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bermuda Grass - The Tale of 2 Cultivars

Across the transition zone, there are many sports turf managers maintaining bermuda grass.  The question that is often asked is, "What cultivar is best for my field?"

That question is difficult to answer for many reasons.  Should I be growing and maintaining Patriot, Latitude 36, Northbridge or Riviera?  Well, it will often be determined by budget, expectations and availability.  

This is the second post of many this year where I will follow 2 cultivars through the growing season.  Latitude 36 and Riviera were sodded at a football field in Indianapolis.  Riviera has been used in the past.  Why?  Simply stated we have found that the plants grow closer the ground thus overseeding is a bit easier to accomplish.  Why is this important?  The field is overseeded during the entire football season with the Riviera base in place for stability.  Latitude 36 was sodded on the edge of the field for the first time this year.  Why?  Simply to determine if the grass will meet or exceed Riviera in 3 main categories:

1. Summer density
2. Success of overseeding
3. Winter survival

I will be following this field closing and reporting frequently on the progress.  

 Latitude 36 on L Riviera on R - Note the Color

Density of the Riviera - Sheer Strength Exceeds 40 ft/lbs

Riviera Prior to First Practice

I will continue to follow both cultivars.  Latitude 36 produces a dense canopy.  Will that prove more difficult to overseed?  Check back as the overseeding process is due to begin in a couple weeks.

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