Monday, June 1, 2015

Be on the Lookout for Dry Turf Conditions

We are now entering early June, and thus warmer weather is upon us.  With the amount of rainfall in the Great Plains it is difficult to consider isolated dry spots and dry turf in general.  With the higher temps and low humidity, now is the time to start to be on the lookout for isolated dry spots in turf.  What do isolated dry spots in turf look like?  See below:

Notice the gray/black look of the turf.  These areas clearly need water.  After a heavy water event, think standing water, here is what the same area from the last photo above appears:

As you can see, this areas appears a bit darker, but is has begun the hydration process critical for healthy turf growth.  

Bottom line, continue to monitor turf conditions daily.  During times of heavy play and dry weather conditions, more damage can be done due to dry soil conditions than wet soil conditions.  One event on dry turf can cause damage that can take a couple weeks to repair.

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