Monday, May 18, 2015

Channel Drain vs. Catch Basin - What is the Best Option?

Drainage along running tracks are always a point of discussion.  In this post we are looking at the two most common options.  The channel drain and the catch basin.
Channel Drain:

A channel drain is installed along the track edge often backfilled with concrete on both sides of the drain.  This design allows for 100% exposed surface drainage along the track/grass interface.  Below is an example from the new track and field complex at Indiana State University.

Catch Basin:

The catch basin is a larger exposed drain but only in certain locations of the playing surface.  Often the soil is sloped in each direction towards the closet catch basin.  Below is an example of a catch basin.  As you can see, if a channel drain was installed all of the standing water from the snow melt would have been removed.  

The catch basin option is more cost effective than a channel drain, but oftentimes does not move water as quickly.  

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