Friday, March 13, 2015

Infield Mix Run Off - The Mix and The Grade Make a Difference

Many coaches and grounds managers are beginning to prep their infields for the 2015 season.  The last thing a coach or grounds manager wants to see is an infield edge in a condition like the one in the photo below:

Why is the edge in this condition?  Two main reasons:

1.  The infield mix is a harvested mix with an extremely high silt to clay ratio (SCR).  An infield with a high SCR will erode in high wind conditions and material will migrate to the edges.  An engineered soil infield mix will stay in place and will not migrate.
2.  The grade of the infield exceeds 1%.  Infield mix grade is another critical component to eliminate runoff.

Are you using engineered soils for an infield mix?  Is your grade less than .5%?  If so, you will not have an infield edge like the one above.

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