Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saint Mary's of the Woods - Universe Mowing Vol II

Back to Saint Mary's of the Woods and the Universe Mowing project from late last week.

The first question is why?  The answer arrives in a couple forms.  First, the coach and athletic staff wanted to remove the bumpy surface to create a smooth ball roll with healthy, thatch free, aggressively growing turf.   Secondly, they wanted to remove as much tall fescue and annual bluegrass as possible while not completely regrading the field with the goal of having the field ready for play by senior day in late October of this year.  Finally, they wanted to  have the most advanced Barenbrug bluegrass that can tolerate low cutting heights.

So, the process was:

  1. Universe mow the existing turf stand
  2. Seed into the stand 
  3. Topdress with 25 tons of rootzone sand
  4. Apply starter fertilizer (16.28.12) at a rate of 4 bags per acre
Here is the step by step approach:

Universe Mow:



Look for additional posts as the SmartTurf team will follow the progress of the playing surface.

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Play on!

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