Monday, September 2, 2013

Catcher's Area for Bullpens - Synthetic Turf

"What material should I use in the catcher's area in my bullpens?" That is a question I receive numerous times during the course of a year.  Of course, there are many options: mound clay, polymer coated clay, warning track material, etc.  Another option to consider is synthetic turf.  

In this example, synthetic turf was placed over a 4 inch crushed limestone base and nailed in the material.  While this is not as permanent as a typical synthetic field application, the process typically lasts for at least one season.  From time to time, the base material requires re-grading and the turf re-installed.  Another option would be turf over concrete.  ALWAYS make sure the turf is flush with the surrounding grass areas.

Brian Wilson Field Bullpens:

Before (Late fall 2012)

After (Summer 2013)

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