Friday, June 28, 2013

A New Warning Track for Eastern Hancock Baseball

The J&D Turf team was at Eastern Hancock High School last week to install a new warning track.  There are to ways to construct a sub base for a track.

1. Using a compacted road-base type material and installing drainage along the wall/fence.  This is typically seen at professional facilities where concrete wall surround the playing surface.  This type of sub base is also necessary if the playing surface is expected to receive heavy traffic from heavy pieces of equipment - i.e. - concert traffic, cranes, heavy lifts, etc.

2. Simply compact the native soil to 95% compaction.  Then, please the track material over the sub base.  This method is much more cost effective and works well when the only traffic expected on the track includes mowers, golf carts, etc.  This sub base is typical at high school and park and rec levels of play.

At Eastern Hancock, option #2 was used due to the fact that this is a high school field, and the only traffic will be a zero turn mower and a gator.  Here are a few photos of the project:

Measuring out and painting a line in the existing turf to establish a 15 foot wide track:

After using a sod cutter, stockpiling the turf for removal from the site:

A native soil sub base at 95% compaction:

Beginning to finish off the track.  Crushed limestone was used as the track material:

The finished product:

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Play on!

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