Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adding Dura Edge Pro at Parkview Field

The J&D Turf team was in Ft Wayne, IN yesterday.  The task, add one load of Dura Edge Pro to the infield at Parkview Field, home of the Ft Wayne Tin Caps.

Here is a photo journal of the project:

Adding material and leveling the baselines:

Adding material to the infield via a topdresser and laser grading as adding material:

Hand tilling the edges:

Using the Blec to blend the two materials together:

After working up the entire the infield with the Blec, the surface was rolled with a 3 ton duel drum roller and the initial final laser grade was started:

After an hour of laser grading the infield the infield was finish rolled with a 3 ton roller.  The surface will be conditioned with Diamond Pro in the spring.

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