Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Should I Overseed My Bermuda Grass Field?

This is the first of what will be many photos/posts this fall as I monitor bermuda grass fields in the Midwest.

First stop, St Luke Catholic Church in Indianapolis, IN.

Patriot bermuda grass, overseeded with Barenbrug Turf Star Elite ryegrass on Sept 4, 2012:

The field has received non-stop football and soccer play since early August.  It is still in good shape, as illustrated in the photos, the middle of a football field requires consistent overseeding to keep up with the traffic.

Next stop, Brebeuf High School in Indianapolis, IN.

Riviera bermuda grass, not overseeded:

This field receives football and soccer play.  The play has not been as much as St. Luke.  As illustrated in the photos, the field is in great shape and still has good color.

I will keep an eye on these fields as well as other fields as the fall continues.

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Play on!

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