Monday, July 23, 2012

Top Grading Bermudagrass Turf

It is well known that I believe warm season turf (bermudagrass) is an option that many in the Midwest should consider for athletic fields.  The fields that are about ready to host fall sports are the best "fit" for warm season turf.

Warm season turf is very tolerant to all types of maintenance.  How many fields are on campuses that have a somewhat poor grade?  There is not a good option to level these fields out if they are cool season turf (bluegrass, ryegrass, fescue, etc.)  Warm season turf on the other hand has an attractive option - Top Grading.  Quite simply, top grading is a heavy application of sand over the existing bermuda turf.  Then the field is laser grade to re-establish the grade.  the bermudagrass will grow through the sand very quickly in warn weather.  I saw this process taking place in Tampa during the first part of July.  Here are a couple photos:

Yet another reason why warm season turf may be the best option for your field.

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