Saturday, June 9, 2012

Does Overseeding Effect Patriot Bermuda Quality?

The answer, yes!  Here are a few photos I took yesterday at DePauw.

Below is a shot showing three different items.  1.  The far left shows an area that was skipped when the Katana herbicide was applied to remove the ryegrass.  Notice the significant color difference.  2.  The area just to the right of the ryegrass was overseeded with ryegrass in the fall and the rye was then removed with Katana herbicide in mid May of this year.  3.  The far right of the photo shows an area of bermuda grass that was not overseeded.  

Bottom line, consider if overseeding is necessary?  When is the field used for play?  In this case overseeding is necessary as the field has over 150 events each fall between Sept 1 and Dec 1.  Also, give it a month and the bermuda quality will be the same, but keep this in mind if the field is needed for June/July play.  The field at DePauw is not used for high-end play during the June-July time period.  The only traffic will be summer camps.

A view of the field looking south.  This entire area was overseeded.

A close up view of the field.  The rye is clearly on the way out.  Notice the good Patriot density.

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