Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Warning Track at Indiana State

Back in Indianapolis after a busy week of travel that included trips to Fort Wayne, Elkhart, South Bend, and Lafayette.  Look for photos from those visits in a couple of days.

I wanted to post a couple of photos from the new warning track at ISU.  The baseball field was re-sodded last fall, but the warning track was installed this spring due to the December weather.  DuraTrax from DuraEdge products and the Natural Sand Company was installed over a compacted native soil sub base.

I get this question often, what type of sub base is needed under a warning track?  The answer, it depends on the use of the track.  At professional stadiums, typically a crush and run or road base material is used to facilitate drainage and to also provide structural stability when heavy traffic loads are applied to the track.  (i.e. - concerts, etc.)  Since ISU is using their track for only mowers and foot traffic, a compacted sub base is acceptable while also saving a tremendous amount of money for the Sycamores.  In conclusion, at the college, high school, and recreational levels, a compacted native soil sub base is the way to go for a sub base under warning tracks.

Here are some photos:  The photos are as follows: 1. Topdressing the DuraTrax over the compacted sub base  2. A shot along the LF outfield fence  3. Along the LF grass edge  4. Along the LF foul line

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