Sunday, October 9, 2011

October is the Month for Baseball Field Renovations - Victory Field - II

We have been at Victory Field for almost a week. I thought I would take some time to explain the project and the plan of attack. Victory Field is a sand based surface that was last re-resodded after the 2003 season. I was the Head Groundskeeper at the time of the 2003 renovation and worked with Nolan Thomas and Co. to produce a successful product. The field aged well, but with all sand based fields, organic material builds along the soil surface and the field begins to seal off and drainage slows. So, another resod project is in order. Why is the infield and the foul territory areas the only areas renovated this fall? Stay tuned for that info, but it has to do with a relatively large event that takes place each winter........

With that said, back to the project. Here are a number of photos:

First, a shot of the rootzone after 4 inches of organic material has been removed. The J&D turf crew along with Nolan Thomas and the Indians staff handled over 400 tons of organic material and 400 tons of new rootzone sand on Thursday and Friday last week.

Next, a photo of the field before the infield mix is placed. Notice the crews have been owrking from 7 AM to 7:30 PM.

GPS guided dozer pushing the infield mix back across the infield.

Look for more posts this week as the mound and plate is installed, edges formed, and the rootzone is prepped for sod.

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