Saturday, August 27, 2011

Martinsville Baseball Infield - Regrade and Re-sod

The J&D Turf crew was at Martinsville High School early this past week. The task, remove the old infield turf, bring the rootzone to grade using a conical laser and install new sod.

The infield mix was renovated last year using a truckload of Dura Edge Pro to balance the infield and bring it into the Dura Edge Classic spec. At the time this project took place the grade of the infield mix was brought up to the infield edge. Due to budget reasons, the past season was played with the infield in a small "bowl" as the mound edge and the infield edge was on grade but the middle of the infield was too low and held water as well as the baselines were too high after volunteers sodded the baselines a number of years ago. This is a classic example of the Smarturf approach of renovating fields over a number of years, but always moving the surface in the right direction. So, let's check out the project!

Removing the sod.........

Ready for soil, the project needed 5 loads of pulverized topsoil.......

Laser grading the infield..... As you can see, the infield was laser graded using a conical laser, the new soil was blended into the existing soil with a Blecavator and the rootzone was rolled to ensure even compaction.......

Finally, new Kentucky bluegrass sod was installed.......

A special thanks to Don Lipps, AD at Martinsville and Ron McIntosh, Grounds Manager at Martinsville.

To learn more about Martinsville athletics, click HERE.

Go to to learn more about J&D Turf.

Play on!

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